Monday, April 25, 2011

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Beau Coops Boots, Southern Hemisphere Winter 2011
Isn't it interesting how the GFC has changed the way we shop?  I've always had a huge mix of investment pieces, vintage and high street fashion.  Now... not so much.  I'm aiming for investment pieces primarily, with the odd not-so-necessary item from 'wherever' along the way. 

Although, whilst the coolness of early winter is moving in, I've yet to find the motivation to shop... what is wrong with me?  I'm so relaxed, thank goodness for long weekends!  At the very least, I can start planning, there are some obvious gaps (shoes, woolens, warm dresses) and surely to be a few temptations along the way.  How about some Beau Coops boots to warm my toes?  Mmmmm....

Keep warm, mb

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  1. If only we folks up North could figure out a wardrobe swap with you down South. I'm happily counting the days until my down jacket can be put to the back of the closet. ;)

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