Saturday, March 5, 2011

Campers Are Not For Camping

Annie Alto by Camper
Ariadna by Camper

Rachael by Camper
I have a confession to make:  I own fourteen pairs of Camper shoes.  Actually, that's not quite true.  Three pairs are boots

New season is on the way now.  Somebody stop me.  Then again, there are worse addictions... mb


  1. You can never have too many shoes. In the 60's as a young girl I worked in a Ladies' shoe dept. in a big department store in downtown Lansing, MI. I had a customer that would come in and buy at least a dozen pair twice a year. She went on cruises and had to have a different pair for every outfit. I made a lot of commission when she came in. :) My personal favorites are Amalfi's. Love the Italians!

  2. I love the top two pairs of shoes so much. Especially the first ones! I could definitely see these being my spring shoes. Thanks for sharing!