Saturday, November 27, 2010

Owl and Fox Handmade Jewelry

I just got a pair of gorgeous red Japanese tensha bead earrings for my birthday.  And guess what?  They're from Etsy!  Check out Owl and Fox for some sparkly surprises... mb

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Sweetest Thing: A Chocolate Sale!

Who would you give these amazing handmade chocolates to?  I've been drooling over these creative goodies for a while now and thought I should share with everyone that Nikid's having a sale!  Great Christmas gifts (hint, hint).  mb


✿ Thursday 11/25/10 @ 11:00 PM to MONDAY 11/29/10 @ 11:00 PM
✿ Door Buster: Free 1/4 Lb. cluster to the first 10 purchases on 11/26 (do not add it to your cart)
✿ Enter code in designated area when checking out and the deduction will automatically be calculated.

Hey Mr Tambourine Man

Here are some other frocks I think would look amazing with a blonde pixie haircut:

My Theresa Silk Chiffon Dress
Jonathan Saunders Printed Silk Dress
See by Chloe Printed Silk Shift
Tibi Silk and Lace Print Dress
La Garcon Asymmetrical Dress
Karen Walker Silk Print Dress

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fur Elise

Or, should I say, for Eliza.  A friend with a brand new blonde pixie cut. 

The brief: "I need a throw-on dress for summer that I can wear to work and just wear around, something 60's to match my hair". 

Et voila.  I've whipped this bold Marc Jacobs print single knit fabric into a pleat-front sleeveless dress with side pockets and narrow hem detail. 

Eliza's over Saturday to try it on - the proof of the pudding's in the tasting... mb

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fashion Heroin

Balmain Suede Buckled V-neck Dress

McQ by Alexander McQueen Tunic Dress

See by Chloe Wedge Sandals

Leather Handbag by Treesje

Has anyone else been browsing the new  I can see myself losing whole days... H.E.L.P. mb

PS here are my favourites, all in my own boutique.  Somebody stop me!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gift Guide: All Australian Designers

Etsy's Thunder from Downunder!

Handmade Notebooks

Florentine Handmade Notebook from My Lander Books

Set of Covered Notebooks from My Lander Books

Handmade Paper Covered Journal from My Lander Books

I've just bought a gorgeous handmade notebook from My Lander Books for a birthday present, aren't these sweet! mb

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Art Fashion Music Craft Life

Frankie magazine's latest off-shoot Spaces book is out today - you can sign up here to pre-order and have it sent out to you (I have!).  Looks ace, will be added to my fav' mag reference shelf.  After being read five times, that is.  mb

Director's Cut

Cherry Cheesecake Bracelet by heartsabustin

Dogwood Earrings by heartsabustin

Fire Opal Earrings by heartsabustin

Summer Romance Ring by heartsabustin

So I'm into recycling, who isn't?  The key is to find new ways of creating coveted items... now how about this: 

"Precious metal clay is recycled from old film negatives, jewelry, and x-rays, ground finely, and mixed with a binder and water. The pieces are dried and then fired with a micro-butane torch to a fine silver finish".

Check out heartsabustin's shop for something special that's not just recycled, but truly unique. mb

In Focus

Indian Summer in Paris by YannPendaries

Grey with a Spark by MidnightCoiler

Follow Your Dreams by MyFairMaiden

Etsy Fashion & Accessories Show by AngelsHair

A few of the gorgeous treasuries I've been featured in this week. mb

It's a Wrap

An antique Mechlin lace scarf

Sequin scarf by Neiman Marcus

Valentino pink & black lace scarf

Ivory lace wrap / scarf by MayBrady

That eternal issue of what to wear over your shoulders for a special occasion... definitely not a jacket... enter: the wrap. 

I've been making a few lately from luxurious silk chiffons, velvets and lace.  Perfect for solving that age-old problem, but also easily wearable after the event as a stylish wrap or scarf.  mb

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunrise Orange

Aqua Print Silk Dress by MayBrady

Whenever I style for Etsy photographs I accessorise with Emmy's ever-expanding collection, but sometimes end up digging into my own.

My latest shoot involves this gorgeous, incredibly long, bright orange scarf a friend hand-knitted for me whilst visiting her parents in England.  It arrived in the post complete with photographic instruction sheet of 'how to wear' possibilities, including draped over her Dad in his armchair, hilarious!

I love handmade gifts, they're always that little-bit-more-special... mb

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Aqua Natural

Aqua Natural by Yann Pendaries

My blue leather bag has been featured today in an Etsy treasury, Aqua Natural by Yann Pendaries.  I checked out the author's blog and what a fun adventure!  He's a very talented French photographer on a (pretend) hot air balloon ride, sharing gorgeous pictures as he travels through the air.  Here are a couple to tempt you... mb

Source: Hot Balloon Photography

Source: Hot Balloon Photography

Thread Den

What a darling idea! If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say "I'd love to learn how to sew"... Enter: Thread Den.  They offer sewing classes for all skill levels and even for kids, with enticing titles like "Cheeky Open Back Dress", "The Perfect Pencil Skirt" and "Screen Siren 1960s Frock".

There are even drop-in sewing sessions and choose-your-own-project lessons.  If you've been wanting to learn to sew for ages, why not search for a place nearby that gives lessons and take the plunge?

My recent classes in leather bag construction (at the CAE as part of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week) were incredibly rewarding, I can't wait to get busy in the workroom using my new skills!

So what are you waiting for?  mb

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First Etsy Front Page Feature

Stockholm Shopping, Baltic Pine and Wild Mushrooms by RedTileStudio
 How exciting! Just jumped online to check out Etsy and found one of my items (silk velvet evening wrap) featured on the home page.  Thanks to RedTileStudio for including me in her lovely collection... mb

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Want More Karen

Ok, so I always want more Karen Walker... what's new.  Here are my latest fav's:

Friday, November 5, 2010

Arty Facts

Mickey Tu Meke by Dick Frizzell

A gift from me from Third Drawer Down.
I've spent the week house-sitting (well, cat-sitting more like it!) for some friends who were off for a bit of luxury in Thailand.  I love their apartment.  It's always a pleasure for me to have my own little getaway staying there.  Not to mention infinite affection from Rosie & Fred.  Here are a few pics detailing some of their world-travel-treasures... mb