Thursday, April 14, 2011

Imagination Running Wild

Masquerade Marquesa and the Caped Man
I'm exploring the idea of making more specialised costume and high fashion pieces, like true-to-period corsets and unique evening bags.  Not to mention I've purchased some prime leather pieces that are just crying out to be used.

I love dressing up and have the good fortune of a huge storage space for the numerous items I've invested in over the years that don't often get worn (but are simply amazing): my Julia DeVille custom leather spats, Melissa heeled t-bar sandals with black crystals, Manning Cartell beaded silk mini-dress with gold silk mesh frill sleeves, a Lutz Teutloff black wool military tuxedo jacket covered in jewel encrusted medals, a Dan Scurry ring sculpted around sliced metal needles...

Why am I not using my own style as inspiration?  On the one hand, I'm super-keen on simplicity paired with 'feature items'.  But then I have a deep-seated yearning for real effort, style and appreciation in everday dressing that I think has been missing for quite some time. 

So... next step is to take a trip to the leather super-store to buy tools, gadgets and hundreds of bits'n'pieces ready to get cosy in the workroom.  Perfect timing, now that the days are shorter.

My afternoon was spent 'researching' (ok, ok, more like shopping), which inspired me to create the rather mysterious collection above.  Hope it sweeps you far, far away... mb


  1. Good stuff - can't wait to see more!

    Following you through the EBT. Hope you come and visit us : )

  2. Curious of what you will make, I will follow you ;)

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