Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pink Paisley

 I find it hard to part with some things... this one's mine!  A pink paisley acetate scarf, circa 1980s, turned into a large European cushion cover (65cm x 65cm).  mb

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Silk Kaftan & Tassel Necklace

A silk kaftan I made for my New York trip recently.  It was great to travel with (small, light, versatile) and I had several people come up and ask me where I bought it from, including a fashion buyer in the East Village while I was on my way to a Mary Schepisi exhibition.  mb

Birthday Souvenirs

 I've whipped up a couple of New Zealand vintage souvenir scarf cushions for a friend's birthday tonight.  They're the extra large European size (65cm x 65cm) so super comfy.  mb


I'm a Melbourne based designer and I love to create items from designer ends, vintage fabrics and recycled materials (such as souvenir scarves), effectively giving the "unwanted" a surprising new life.

In my blog I'd like to share with you my inspirations and creations.  Please visit my online store if you would like to purchase my wares and message me there if you have a special request.

Thanks for supporting individual design!  mb