Friday, October 22, 2010

Goodbye Sweet Vacation!

Yes, I really have been off yonder a bit lately:  Christchurch and Auckland in New Zealand, then New York, DC and Southern California.  Now I'm back home in Melbourne and - thanks to the folks at Handmade Spark, have realised it's high time I make my blog 'less work, more play', so here are a few snapshots from my travels... enjoy. mb

Recovery morning, after seeing the Pixies in Christchurch, NZ
My favourite beach, CA
Notorious & Notable: 20th Century Women of Style at the Museum of the City of New York, NYC
Revisiting my old high school!  CA

Brooklyn loft party, Williamsburg, NY
Wishing on Yoko Ono's Wish Tree, MOMA, NYC
Opening night at a new bar in Williamsburg, NY
Sonic Youth playing All Tomorrow's Parties, Monticello, NY
View of Manhatten from my rooftop on 9/11/10, Williamsburg, NY
Self explanatory!  DC
Loved this museum, great history and mighty interesting, DC
Window shopping on the Upper East Side, NYC
I made this with lemons from Mum's tree, Auckland, NZ
AFL Grand Final night (even though it was a draw), Manhattan, NYC
Novel seating solution at a crepe parlour in Manhattan, NYC

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